Occupation Party Gives You an Excuse to go to Times Square


This afternoon at 5 p.m., a party for the Occupy Wall Street movement will start in Times Square. Like any good party, this one has a website, Twitter account, and Shepard Fairey-designed invitation. The instructions are laid out at the aforementioned website: “Meet at the TKTS kiosk in the north section. From our street carnival in Times Sq. we will take the protest party to the trains and head downtown.” The organizers are throwing this bash to show support for the Occupy protests around the world, so if you have been sitting on the fence about the evils of global capitalism, waiting for a party to convince you on what side to choose, now is your chance. We bet there will be drums!

An Email release promises “thousands of artists and performers, musicians and visionaries” will take over Times Square, ” the cathedral of commerce.” We’re not sure if a dozen T-shirt stands and a Toys ‘R’ Us constitutes a “cathedral of commerce,” but it could be fun! They also ask you to wear white, because “dressing in white is a symbol of hope and transition.” It is also a symbol of painting houses and driving an ice cream truck, but those don’t contradict with the overall message too much so go nuts with your outfit.

If you’re down with the cause and have nothing planned for 5 p.m., head to Times Square and get funky. You might even be able to sneak in some shopping at the M&M store when no one is looking.

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