Chipsy Opened, Deep-Fried Oreo Lovers Cheer


What can we say, we’re suckers for anything fried: fried pizza, fried green beans, fried bunny rabbit. Submerging food in vats of bubbling oil just adds to the deliciousness factor, hence the trend at county fairs of frying anything edible (even Kool-Aid balls and sticks of butter). So when Chipsy (99 MacDougal Street, 212-244-7799) opened over the weekend, we knew we had to pop in and sample the deep-fried Oreos.

For $3.50, you get three standard-size Oreos (alas, no Double Stuf!), which have been battered and fried. The heat softens the chocolate cookie, making it almost more of a brownie in texture, while the crème filling loses its chalkiness and becomes more like a runny icing. All in all, we were pretty taken with the fried cookie. It’s not gourmet fare, but we can see how these would hit the spot at midnight after a few rounds of beers, or, better yet, a blunt. Interestingly, when we went in, we had wanted to also sample the deep-fried Twinkie, but we were told they had run out, since as a commercial establishment they aren’t allowed to purchase Twinkies in bulk. Instead, they have to buy them retail, cutting down their daily supply. We didn’t sample any fries, which Chipsy technically specializes in, because, really, who wants fried potatoes when you can have fried cookies?