Drake Brings Sweaters, Varsity Jackets, And Nicki Minaj To Saturday Night Live


This past Saturday, Drake was the featured musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and he not only got a chance to perform a couple of tracks off Take Care (Cash Money), out November 15, he also showed off the acting chops he developed while toiling away in the Canadian TV salt mines.

Here, Drake shows his acting-and-rapping bona fides as a Halloween-crazed teenager who shakes kids down for their candy while dressed like a werewolf (or maybe as one of the Geico cavemen? if Seth Meyers hadn’t specified the lupine nature of his and Jay Pharoah’s costumes, it would have been kind of hard to tell), and who has a sweets-themed rap boast:

There was also the Digital Short, in which “funny” versions of celebrity interviews—conducted by Andy Samberg—proved to be almost more revealing than the ones you see happening on red carpets all over the globe (just look at that close-up of his hair!):

Drake also performed two albums from his not-as-imminent second album Take Care, with him taking the currently popular lyric-video gimmick to the live setting for his performance of “Headlines”:

Although as the astute Norman Brannon noted, Drake’s headline writers might have needed a copyeditor, unless “mobin” is some sort of Canadian slang:

Later in the show, Drake and Nicki Minaj performed the male-gazy “Make Me Proud.” It didn’t seem like Nicki’s mic was turned that far up, even though her verse came out at the same volume as Drake’s in the main mix—but her ad-libs come in at a different register than her rapping, and you can hear her voice being doubled if you listen closely in certain spots.

You know what wasn’t studio sweetened, though? That peck on the cheek at the end. Aw.

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