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I Have A New Halloween Costume!


I ditched the spangly bodysuit years ago because (a) I got tired of explaining that I was a gay sperm cell and (b) I once lent it to a friend and he scored a much bigger hit with it than I did. That did it — garbage time.

I also dumped the hamburger suit because it started looking like it had mad cow disease.

And much as I adore the gift-box costume above — it’s light, portable, and festive — it’s basically starting to feel a tiny bit returnable, especially in this economy.

So this year I’m going to dress like one of the stars from the classic film …

Blades of Glory!

In fact, I will be wearing the blinding red-gold-and-flesh-colored twinkle-toes ensemble sported by Will Ferrell.

A big batch of thanks to my Halloweenie friend Susan — who also gave me the gift-box costume!

She gives good costume.

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