OMG, Godspell Has Been Updated


The 1971 flower-child musical Godspell — a kooky rendering of the Scriptures as a sort of nouveau vaudeville show — has started Broadway previews, and the kids on the boards are spilling about just how the script has been updated and tweaked.


They swear that a joke has been added about Steve Jobs handing down an iPad from heaven!

There’s also a reference to friending God on Facebook!

And there’s a mention of shake weights, as well as snatches of performers doing the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide, and the Electric Boogaloo.

Oh, dear Lord.

Someone’s going to hell here — and that would be anyone who complains about these fun changes!

Also on the boards: The buzz is that Stephanie J. Block will be the next Reno Sweeney to go into Anything Goes, replacing Tony winner Sutton Foster. Allegedly, she won’t have to do the Chicken Dance.

Furthermore, rumors say that if Bonnie & Clyde is still running when Newsies comes to Broadway, Disney is wiling to buy out Jeremy Jordan‘s contract so he’ll move over to the latter show. OMG.

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