The Countdown Begins for California’s Foie Gras Ban; Supermarkets Test Smartphone Apps


The clock is ticking for the sale of foie gras in California. In eight months, this “delicacy” or “diseased organ,” depending on your perspective, will be banned in the state.
[NY Times]

Fast-food chains continue to benefit from a struggling economy. To wit: Domino’s Pizza, whose sales were up this year.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers can’t get enough of takeout: Residents dine out or order in for 50 percent of their meals.
[New York Post]

Supermarkets are starting to introduce smartphone apps into the shopping experience, so we can expect to see more apps for that, too.
[The Wall Street Journal]

Klout, the social media tracker, has named the top 10 most influential chefs in the food industry. Lo and behold, Rachael Ray is not on the list.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

LivingSocial is launching a new invitation-only service for foodies. LivingSocial Gourmet will be more expensive and exclusive than the pizza deals the site currently has.
[Wall Street Journal]

Vegan bakeries are growing, but many prefer to keep a low profile for fear of scaring off non-vegan customers.
[Wall Street Journal]