Today in Steve Jobs Memorials: This Guy’s Hair Possibly the Most Impressive Tribute Yet


This was spotted at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Friday morning during the hubbub prior to the iPhone 4S’s release. That is a real hairstyle! It’s possibly cooler than the tribute on Bond Street we wrote about last week.

And on the right side of his head, awesomely, it says “Think Different.”

The artist behind the hairstyle is Johan Ruiz, who’s based outside of Philadelphia. Ruiz told us that it took about 15 hours total to do, and that the model is his younger brother Brian Ruiz. He’s done hair portraits before, including ones depicting Questlove and Bob Marley.

Ruiz said that Steve Jobs’ “creativity is something that will live on — it made my process of becoming a hair artist that much easier.”

[via Racked]



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