New York

Chocolate Weirdness At Century 21


The Lincoln Center-area Barnes & Noble is bye-bye, mainly because people are getting their reading needs accomplished in other ways these days.

That space has become a Century 21, which makes perfect sense when you think about it.

After all, you can’t get a marked-down designer ensemble on a Kindle.

I happen to like the place, with its eye-popping array of discounted Puccis and Gaultiers begging for your fiscal attention.

But all over the store, they also happen to be hawking different varieties of Godiva chocolates!

In fact, there are almost as many chocolates for sale as there are fringed ponchos!

Everywhere you look, Godiva products are threatening to be added to your cart — and your waistline.

Chocolates in a fashion boutique?

Unless they’re going to dramatically increase their plus-sized section, this is a tiny bit INSANE!

It’s like selling nuts in an allergy store!

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