Jack Nicholson Cries Buckets In New Film!


It happens in Alex Stapleton‘s wonderful doc Corman’s World (coming in December), about the inspired antics of renegade director Roger Corman.

Early in the film — which I just caught at the New York Film Festival — Jack deadpans, “By mistake, Roger almost made a good picture once in a while.

“I was never in it — but that was as much my fault as the next guy!”

But later on, Nicholson admits that Corman — who’d given him his start — was his lifeblood in the industry for many years.

Saying that he hopes Corman doesn’t feel his gushy admiration is just “hot air” and adding that a lot of people love Corman, Jack starts uncontrollably sobbing, hiding his face with his hands.

It’s a really touching moment — even more so when you consider that Nicholson doesn’t dole out interviews that readily and won’t even do commentary on DVDs of his movies.

Stapleton said she nabbed the interview by being a “professional stalker” for a long time, and it helped that Nicholson had heard that the project was legit and painless, so he sat down for her — for five hours!

Now I’m crying.

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