More Americans Than Ever Support Legalizing Marijuana


Happy Tuesday. More Americans than ever are in favor of legalizing pot, according to a new Gallup poll that shows the highest percentage of those in favor ever, since the first Gallup poll asking about marijuana in 1969, when only 12 percent of respondents thought it should be legalized. Today, 50 percent say YES to legalized pot. This is also the first time people in favor of legalization were in greater numbers than those opposed, reports MSNBC. (Last year 46 percent weighed in favor of legalizing the drug.)

Historically, you need only look at the way movies have portrayed pot — look at the plot of Reefer Madness, in which more dramatic and terrible things happen than in an episode of Revenge, and compare that, say, to the plot of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Even Park Slope moms are smoking weed, “for relaxation” and whatnot. (They’ve been doing it for years!)

Yes, we are no longer terrified of pot. That much seems true, particularly if you live on the West Coast (support there is at 55 percent), are liberal (69 percent), are young (62 percent), or are a man (55 percent).

Another Gallup poll, from last year, showed that a full 70 percent of Americans believed pot should be legal for medical use, to reduce pain and suffering. It’s legal with doctor’s recommendations in 16 states, though still illegal under federal law.

Occupy that.

Support for legalizing pot hits all-time high [MSNBC]

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