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Move Over, Snuggies! Forever Lazy Has Taken Over!


When I noticed that Snuggies — which used to cost $15 — were going for $4.99 at a discount store on 14th Street, I realized that those cute blankets with sleeves were going to be as passé as pet rocks this holiday season.

It’s all about Forever Lazy!

That’s the thing they advertise which is “one-piece, lie-around, lounge-around, full-body lazywear” made of fleece — and they’re not just fleecing you.

More importantly, they’re not shitting you, either.

In fact, Forever Lazy “has zippered hatches for great escapes when duty calls.” And when doody calls. No shit!

You can leave this thing on day and night, never worrying about pooping, eating, sleeping, and pooping again.

You can even go outside with it, especially since it has a drawstringed hoodie, plus they include fleece footies at no extra cost!

Bye-bye, Snuggies! You simply weren’t all encompassing enough.

But wait! Forever Lazy is far from perfect, alas.

As one commenter said:

“Why have the back flap? The truly lazy would just crap themselves.”

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