Tasting Events in Queens and Brooklyn; Has Bed-Stuy Gone Gourmet?


A new bill requiring the Health Department to report the number of permits it issues each year to food trucks and carts was introduced yesterday.
[NY Post]

Manhattan isn’t the only borough with fancy tasting events. Taste of Sunnyside kicks off tonight and A Taste of Sheepshead Bay will debut October 27.
[NY Daily News]

A record 25,000 shoppers showed up for the opening of the first Massachusetts outpost of the New York-based Wegmans this past weekend.
[Boston Globe]

Sandra Lee has been dishing on life with Governor Cuomo again, this time at a panel about women’s economic empowerment at NYU.
[NY Times]

Unless food becomes more affordable and available, more than 1 billion people will go hungry, warned U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at World Food Day in Rome.
[UN News Centre]

Guinea’s president, whose regime is accused of rights abuses, was a no-show at the U.N. forum on the food crisis in Rome at which he was supposed to speak.
[Washington Post]

Some 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day, which research shows can lead to snacking and an increased risk of obesity.
[NY Daily News]

Has Bed-Stuy gone gourmet? A roundup of upscale eateries in the neighborhood includes Do or Dine and Sud Vino e Cucina.
[NY Post]