A Comeback For Whitney Houston?


The wonderful thing about showbiz is that it allows for extra chapters upon chapters for those who’ve got what it takes, the public always managing to rally around a tarnished celeb bravely trying to rise from the ashes one more time.

Whitney Houston is aiming for just that kind of re-ascendance in Hollywood.

The pop singer had a sizzling movie career for a while, culminating with 1992’s smash The Bodyguard, but then … well, you know.

Anyway, along comes Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 Joel Schumacher-penned film about a Supremes-like girl group, complete with triumphs and tragedies.

I love the original movie’s grit, the charismatic Lonette McKee performance, and the silky Curtis Mayfield score (which Aretha Franklin recorded on a “soundtrack” album featuring soulful hits like “Something He Can Feel”).

And now, Whitney will star in the movie alongside Jordin Sparks as Sparkle, the part once inhabited by the “What a Feeling” gal, Irene Cara.

Whitney’s role is Effie, which is generally the fat one in that other girl-group musical, Dreamgirls.

But don’t worry — in this case, it’s the mother role originally played by Mary Alice.

Filming just started in Detroit, and I haven’t heard of any complaints so far.

So will Whitney actually do it? Will she sparkle? Will she?

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