Alec Baldwin: Visiting Occupy Wall Street by Night; Tweeting About Fall Foliage by Day


Joining fellow celebrities who may or may not be considered “part of the 99 percent,” our favorite person who possibly might someday run for office, Alec Baldwin, spent some time down at Zuccotti Park last night after announcing on Twitter, “I wanna go to Zuccotti Park….” And then, just like that, he did! After a “too brief two hours” spent with the protesters, of whom he gave shout-outs to “Aaron from Brooklyn” and “Sean from Winnipeg” for his first OWS tutorial (and also commended the dedicated people down in the park) he shared some thoughts about the movement with the good people of the Internet.

For example:

Also, he does not appreciate being told that he’s too rich to care, telling one misinformed tweeter who so mocked him, “Your ill-considered class baiting is a very real part of the problem.”

It is a rare Renaissance man who can follow that up with a recommendation on where the best fall foliage is to be viewed this time of year! Alec, we suggest you join the yoga working group.

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