An Illustrator’s Ball


Edward Gorey’s legacy lingers, preserved in the inky, sharp-edged figures of his unsettling drawings, most
notably The Gashlycrumb Tinies, a collection of morbid and yet inexplicably delightful illustrations captioned with an alphabetical poem about children meeting their maker (“A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. . . .”). This Sunday, Dances of Vice presents Phantasmagorey, a palooza of musical events and performances in his honor. Boston-based experimental goth group Beat Circus performs, along with an aerial ballet routine, burlesque, tap
dancing, and a Gorey-inspired fashion show from Pureville. Attendees are encouraged to dress as a Doubtful
Guest, Gashlycrumb Tiny, or any other Gorey character, and prizes will be awarded for the weirdest getup. The
official after-party, Halloween Massacre 7 with a $1,000 costume contest.

Wed., Nov. 30, noon, 2011