Bob Dylan Gets The British Female Treatment! Fab!


Barb Jungr‘s name might seem to be missing vowels, but there’s no need to call in Vanna White.

The British chanteuse extraordinaire fills in all the blanks with her exciting interpretations of songs by folk poet Bob Dylan, as demonstrated in her new show at the Metropolitan Room called The Man in the Long Black Coat: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan.

A cabaret act of Dylan songs done by a woman who seems to combine parts of Dorothy Loudon, Helen Reddy, and Russell Brand?

Yes, and it’s wonderful because Jungr is as different from Dylan as you can get — she’s female, energetic, dryly witty, and crisp — so the contrast makes for surprise, not to mention strongly acted vocals, comically incisive monologues, and carefully enunciated lyrics.

Yes, you can understand the words, lol!

In every way!

From a fiery, exultant “The Times They Are A-Changing” to a silky-soft “Sara” and beyond, Barb gets to the heart of the songs while blowing into your consciousness like a rllng stn.

Fill in your own vowels there.

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