Some haunted houses, especially if you’re easily spooked, end up being a race for the exit. Third Rail Projects have created a magical labyrinth with their annual Steampunk Haunted House full of neo-Victorian elegance that tugs at all of your fears and curiosities, guiding you up and down the stairs and through doors knowing full-well something is about to make you scream. And yet, we look forward to it every single year. However, if you’re into that mystic old-world aesthetic, without the horror, we suggest the Steampunk Fashion Show and Exhibition celebrating all things Steampunk. The all-day event includes a show by Nelson Lugo Magician, music, portrait sittings, and, of course, fashion and shopping. Steampunk Haunted House starts today, through October 31, Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street, $20-$25; Steampunk Fashion Show and Exhibition happens Sunday from noon to 8 (fashion show at 6), DUMBO Loft, 155 Water Street, Brooklyn,, $

Sat., Oct. 22, 2011

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