Martin Luther King Jr. Musical By The Guy Who Did Annie!


Well, with The Mountaintop having just opened and proving to be a sort of glorified sitcom with some heavy stuff sprinkled in, why not?

And this one won’t have tap-dancing orphans and a big, lovable dog, it turns out.

It will “recount Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s faltering journey from defiant teenager to leader of an improbable nonviolent bus boycott, which ultimately set the tone for the civil rights movement.

“In this new musical, Dr. King is stunned and disappointed that students from an urban high school named after him, have little idea who he and his colleagues were in the civil rights movement.

“He takes them through his struggles with racism as a youth in Atlanta, his embrace of Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful means of protest, and the Montgomery bus boycott, where segregation on buses was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court.”

Charles Strouse (Annie, Bye Bye Birdie) did the score, Leslie Lee wrote the book, and it’s called, surprise, Martin.

Sort of like Annie — but not really. In fact, not at all!

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