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‘NYC Rapture Readiness Committee’ Signs Prepare You For the World’s End


The Rapture, which failed to occur back in May, has been re-scheduled for this Friday. Are you prepared? For whatever it’s actually going to be? You can never be too ready!

Runnin’ Scared was walking down Third Avenue today and saw some signs that look like this:

We went to the website listed on the posters,, and found other examples:

We thought maybe artist Jay Shells was behind it, but alas, no. He “digs it,” though.

As with everything these days, it’s the work of a branding agency, though we’re still trying to work out what exactly they’re branding.

Update 5:25 p.m.: Mystery solved. DIGO, the branding agency behind this, sent us a press release explaining the signs. It reads in part:

The agency created a satirical campaign promoting Rapture Readiness with the New York City Dept of Public Safety in mind, and their offices will be the official base of operations for the Rapture. After all, whether you are planning on a long trip, or are instead preparing to suffer the wrath of God, don’t you want to do it in style?

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