Not All Yelpers Are Created Equal; OWS Protesters Target Fancy Restaurants


Junk food is now being blamed for low sperm counts in young adult males.
[Business Insider]

If you thought the tainted cantaloupe death toll had peaked, you were wrong. A second New York death brings the total up to 25. [Wall Street Journal]

Some Yelp reviewers — Yelpers — are so influential they can make or break a restaurant nowadays.
[NY Post]

Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia may or may not renew his contract with the team, but he has signed on to become part owner of the new Hooters in Murray Hill.
[NY Post]

Who said capitalism is dead? Thanks to Occupy Wall Street, Libertos Pizzeria rakes in about $3,525 on a good Monday.
[NY Post]

Also in OWS news, the protesters are now targeting the restaurants of the rich and famous, like Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café.

With competition increasing among supermarkets, packaged food manufacturers are vying for a presence in the popular produce section.
[Wall Street Journal]

Elaine’s is in contract to be sold for more than $8.4 million. Don’t worry, says buyer Robert Skolnick, “Elaine’s will be in good hands.”
[NY Post]