Spotted At CMJ: Clubfeet Go From Down Under To A New York City Rooftop


With more than a thousand bands in the city for CMJ, there’s a strong chance you’ll happen to run into one on the streets, hanging out after a show, or taking advantage of an open bar at a blog party. Here we’ll check in with musicians we spot during the festival to see how they’re handling the chaos of it all.

The Band: Clubfeet
Where We Talked To Them: First Street and Avenue A
Where They’re From: South Africa / Australia

Where are you coming from and where are you going next?

We just played a show at this spot Ella over here. Now we’re making big party time on a rooftop somewhere overlooking the city. US Royalty is playing, there’s free booze, yadda, yadda, yadda—it should be a good time. We are basically going to things as we hear about them.

Clubfeet, “Edge Of Extremes”

What bands do you want to see while you’re here for CMJ?

We played a show with this band St. Lucia that we had an instant karmic connection with yesterday, so we definitely want to see them. The lead singer is from South Africa. We’re going to see Metronomy. And then we’re going to this Australian band who we’re friends with. We want to see Twin Shadow. Also Soulwax is playing but I don’t think it’s an official CMJ thing.

What non-CMJ thing do you want to do while you’re in New York?

We’re just trying to survive here. I want a good coffee. I don’t mean to sound angry. We’ve had a couple of good coffees since we’ve been here but I’ve had a couple of really bad ones too. We’re playing a lot, a lot of shows. So we’re just working a lot. Friday we have the day off and we’re going to spend it going to see other shows, you know?

We’re also going to a friend’s studio tomorrow to hang out and make some music too. It’s bunch of people—it’s a studio space with Dap Kings people and our good friends from Australia. That should be fun, just hanging out and working on some music.

What’s in your survival kit for the week?

We were expecting sunshine so we brought bottles and bottles of tanning lotion. It’s SPF One. Wow, we sound so European. We brought our micro-mankini shorts too. So we’ll be wearing them somewhere too.

What was your last meal?

We had dinner with a music friend of ours tonight who is vegan and gluten-free. So basically we ate a meal of fresh air. It was some Italian place but at least we got pissed. I guess I had a very expensive martini for dinner. [Laughs.]

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