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The Grossest Thing You Ever Found In Food? | Village Voice

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The Grossest Thing You Ever Found In Food?


Aside from the food itself, that is.

When I was a kid, I cracked open a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle to heat up out of sheer desperation.

And I nearly puked when a long, slimy roach came out of the can along with all the other glop!

Warhol would not have approved.

But after digesting my horror — if not the soup — I realized I could turn this tragedy into gold.

I wrote Campbell’s about my problem and sent them the label on the offending can.

Soon enough, they profusely apologized and sent me back a whole bunch of chicken noodle soups for free!

Of course the cans just sat there because I was terrified of having a repeat roach experience, but it still felt like some kind of accomplishment to have been rewarded with my very first complimentary buffet.

My trauma had resulted in a stack of free soup!

Ever find something in your food that wasn’t food?

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