What to Drink at No Fun: The Mofojito


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

​​​The drink: Mofojito

The bar: No Fun (161 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side)

The price: $10

The ingredients: White rum, muddled mint, lime, and sugar, topped with soda

The buzz: No Fun’s cocktail list isn’t quite ready yet, but this bad boy is likely to be on it, according to co-owner/bartender/drummer Jay Weilminster, who we spoke to earlier this week. OK, so maybe it’s just a regular mojito. But it has a badass name, which makes it as rock ‘n’ roll as the tapas at No Fun are purported to be. And even if you don’t buy into the sliders and refreshing highballs being any more or less rock ‘n’ roll here than anywhere else, at least you can can be sure to sip and nibble to a sweet soundtrack: The place has a pro rocker on the payroll and an acclaimed DJ in residency. How many tapas bars can claim that?

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