You Can Now Hear The Metallica/Lou Reed Collaboration Lulu In Full


The Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration Lulu has been one of the more curiosity-inspiring releases on this fall’s docket, thanks in part to what’s been revealed so far: the grinding atonality (that veers on amusicality) of lead single “The View,” the inscrutable 30-second samples that were loosed into the world yesterday. The album doesn’t come out here until November 1, but as of this morning, it’s streaming in full at the project’s official website.

As the times given out on the track listing indicate, there’s a lot of there there, and so a casual first listen might not be in the cards as much as it might be for, say, a more pop-oriented album. Feel free to share your favorite lyric in the comments; after all, any record that has an opening line of “I would cut my legs and tits off/ when I think of Boris Karloff” is bound to have quite a few gems littered within.


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