An Interactive Map of NYC WiFi Hotspots


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Today in Actually Useful Things: NYC Digital has a map of WiFi hotspots all over New York. Click on the little things — there are like a zillion of them, be warned — and the map tells you where the hotspot is, whether it’s free or not, and its name.

We’re actually thinking there are more than appear on the map, especially in the outer boroughs; our neighbor’s un-password-protected network, for example.

Is this thing new? It’s new to us. We’re waiting on details from NYC Digital, but in the meantime, go find a new place to park your laptop all day.

Update 12:55 p.m.: NYC Digital rep Chris Coffey says that “the entire platform is new” and that “This new platform includes API-enabled data and powerful data visualization tools that allow anyone to instantly create charts, graphs and interactive maps like the one of Wifi Hotspot locations.”

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