Demi Moore And Ellen Barkin Battle It Out


Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore go at it in Sam Levinson‘s Another Happy Day, a family drama in which confrontations erupt between Ellen and Demi, who’s now shacked up with Ellen’s ex (played by Thomas Haden Church) amidst blistering resentments.

One of the bigger battles happens when the two ladies go after each other, Dynasty-style.

At a screening last night, Barkin noted that there was a stunt coordinator on the set as per union rules, but he was showing them all kinds of karate moves and other elaborate stuff that they couldn’t do, so they took things into their own fuming hands.

“Demi wrapped her legs around me and started strangling me,” Barkin remembered with admiration.

“And the only person who got hurt was Thomas Haden Church. Or says they got hurt.”

“Or complained they got hurt,” interjected Levinson, son of Barry.

Maybe Demi can think of the whole thing as a warm-up for confronting Sara Leal.

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