Do You Own a Kindle? 2% of People Don’t Know If They Do


Amazon’s Kindle is such a popular product, some people don’t even know if they own one. The above picture, via Cord Jefferson’s Tumblr, is from a poll conducted by the Puget Sound Business Journal. They found that 41% of their savvy readers own Kindles while 57% do not. 2% of respondents, however, just aren’t sure.

To help these undecided residents of the Pacific Northwest, we have created a quiz to help determine whether or not you own a Kindle:

When you want to read a book you:
a) Go to a bookstore
b) Go to a library
c) Download one on your Kindle

When you drop what you are reading, you:
a) Pick it up
b) Ask somebody to pick it up for you
c) Scream, “I broke my Kindle!”

Your bookshelf is full of:
a) Books
b) Books
c) Books, but you also own a Kindle

If you answered “C” to any of the above questions, you own a Kindle. Or do you?

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