Get To Know Door Personality/Performer Thorgy Thor


The self-made creation known as Thorgy Thor is up for a whole batch of Glammy Awards for nightlife excellence, prompting this golden little chat of ours.

Hi, Thorgy. Which Glammy Award would you most like to win?

I was nominated for six awards, if you include Best Nightlife Weekly Event (Saliva Tuesday @ the Ritz) and Sugarland as Best Bar/club. I would LOVE to come away with Best Dressed and Breakthrough Artist………and Best Door Personality.

I don’t think I repeated a look in over year…give or take a few mix-n-match items from my crazy closet. I own A LOT of expensive designer stuff, but I spend a lot of my time traveling to shop for vintage items…thrifting and sewing old stuff into new creations. So,I hope people realize my creativity.

Winning “Best Dressed” of the year would validate how good I think I look every time I leave my apartment! Not to mention, serve as a catalyst to becoming a stylist.

Breakthrough Artist would be validating. I have performed everything from a Martha Graham/Alicia Keys medley to an entire 10 minute comedic number for the Oscars paying homage to over 90 years of film! I sing, dance, and entertain my way through every one of my shows!

What sets me apart from other nightlife artists is the fact that I record my own storylines. I create a little operetta in each piece I perform. I am a classically trained violinist, violist, and cellist. And in most of my pieces, the tracks I use in the background are actually me playing.

I’m hoping Cherry Jubilee will allow me play electric cello at the Glammys this year!

I work the door for FWORD and at Splash bar Friday-Monday. So, I hope that people vote for me for best DOOR personality. Folks seem to like seeing what I’m wearing each week and come every Friday to poke fun and take pictures. I love every second of it! Winning “Best Door Personality” would make my year worth living!

What’s your philosophy of nightlife and what do you hope to achieve?

Oh, lord. I go out every night because I can’t help it. I tried to stay away, and got utterly depressed. Everyone who knew me were like “Thorgy, are you ok? You have been miserable lately and you don’t look well…”

And when I’m hired as a personality, I make sure to be a good addition to any party. My mission is to give everyone something to talk about the next day.

A quote that I heard a long time ago that I keep repeating in my head is…”Keep em’ laughing, keep em’ talking. Keep em’ interested.”

I could go on and on and on with what I want to do with my time as an artist. I’d like to have someone hand me $15,000 and say “This is for you to create a good show… whatever you want with it and book a venue in 3 months.”

I would hire an orchestra (which a lot of my good friends are Juilliard players), and commission them to perform a 2 hour show, starring NYC nightlife characters in a nonstop art cabaret!

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