Spotted At CMJ: Active Child Has A Nonstop Friday Ahead Of Him


With more than a thousand bands in the city for CMJ, there’s a strong chance you’ll happen to run into a musician on the streets, hanging out after a show, or taking advantage of an open bar at a blog party. Here we’ll check in with artists we spot during the festival to see how they’re handling the chaos of it all.

The Band: Active Child
Where We Talked To Them: Delancey and Clinton
Where They’re From: Los Angeles

Where are you going next?

Going to bed. I haven’t slept in forty-eight hours. I came here straight from Dusseldorf, Germany. I’ve been on tour since basically the beginning of August. And after New York we’re going to DC to go on tour with M83.

What bands do you want to see while you’re here for CMJ?

I’ve got three shows tomorrow and press and some other stuff to do. It just never stops. We’ll see the bands we’re playing with, of course, but otherwise it’s nonstop shows.

What non-CMJ thing do you want to do while you’re in New York?

If I didn’t have so many shows? I’d love to just go to the Met by myself and just kind of walk around. Maybe go up through Central Park and have a meal by myself. I love New York. Every time I come here, it’s like I’m convinced that I want to live here. Then I take my flight back to LA and I’m like, “Man, I love LA too.”

What’s in your survival kit when doing so many shows in a row?

Um. Sleep? Which I haven’t had. [Laughs.] I try to eat as healthy as possible, which is difficult on the road… especially in the U.S. I like to have a cigarette after my show. That’s really my limit to be honest. Just one and a little bit of whiskey to decompress. I’m pretty easy-going.

What was your last meal?

My last meal was on the flight here. It was some sort of weird German pasta dish with strudel on the side. And some tea.

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