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The Trouble With Wikipedia!


Wikipedia is invaluable as a research tool, but while it contains a lot of great stuff, it’s basically reporting by committee and suffers as a result.

There are things in there that might be just a little true or maybe not true at all, but they become your signature achievements the same way something said in a childhood game of Telephone can stay with you for life.

Thanks to my Wiki page, almost every interview I’ve given in the last several years has started with the same two questions:

(1) “So, you coined the word celebutard?”

(2) “You were in Cyndi Lauper‘s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ video, right?”

Well, let me clarify.

I think I said “celebutard” once on TV, and I’m not that proud of it, but did I actually coin the word? I don’t think so — and if I did, I doubt it’s one of my top two achievements.

Furthermore, I was in the video for the remake of the Lauper song, done in the ’90s (as it actually explains in the Wikipedia thing). I appear in the video for a total of five seconds. I was thrilled to do it, but one of my top two credits of all time? Not sure.

Of course I can just dive in there and edit these things out or soften them into a more realistic proportion, but I’ve decided to just leave them.

After all, they obviously pique a lot of writers’ interest in me, so my bio stays as is.

But the worst thing will be when I cure cancer and the first question is, “Mr. Musto, Mr. Musto! How did you coin celebutard?”

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