Don’t Forget: The Village Voice CMJ Showcase Goes Down This Afternoon At Cake Shop


A quick reminder: Our CMJ showcase begins at noon today and features, in order of appearance, Diehard, Colleen Green, Diarrhea Planet, Bleached, Pujol, and Turbo Fruit. I’m not sure what condition the basement of Cake Shop is in after Thursday night’s Life or Death showcase—at which Wise Blood freaked out and ripped down some of the Christmas lights and Trash Talk led a pretty intense circle pit—but either way, that’s where we’ll be. The event is free whether you have a badge or not, and there will be happy hour specials on beer and cider, because if a lineup of six great punk bands doesn’t provide a good enough excuse for day drinking, I don’t know what does. High school football, I guess. Set times below.

12:30 – Diehard
1:30 – Colleen Green
2:30 – Diarrhea Planet
3:30 – Bleached
4:30 – Pujol
5:30 – Turbo Fruits

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