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Earthquake Video From Apartment in Van, Turkey | Village Voice


Earthquake Video From Apartment in Van, Turkey


The above cameraphone video (via @stevesilberman) was taken from inside an apartment during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Van, Turkey. It’s titled, “VAN DEPREM SON DAKİKA,” which, according to Google Translate, means “Van earthquake last minute.” If anyone speaks Turkish and has a better translation, please tell us.

Reuters reports the earthquake may have killed up to 1,000 people, with many still buried beneath rubble. The general manager of Kandilli Observatory, Boğaziçi University’s earthquake research center, told journalists at a press conference, “We estimate around 1,000 buildings are damaged and our estimate is for hundreds of lives lost. It could be 500 or 1,000.”

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said that 10 buldings in Van collapsed, and a further “25-30 buildings were brought to the ground in the nearby district of Ercis.”

The area suffered “more than 20 aftershocks,” and Zulfukar Arapoglu, the mayor of Ercis, told television reporters, “We need tents urgently and rescue teams. We don’t have any ambulances, and we only have one hospital. We have many killed and injured.”

UPDATE: A commenter informs us “SON DAKİKA” means “BREAKING NEWS,” so the video’s title is: “BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake in Van.”

VAN DEPREM SON DAKİKA [YouTube via @stevesilberman]

Earthquake hits Turkey, up to 1,000 possibly killed [Reuters]

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