Poop-Scooping Robot Revolutionizes the Way Robots are Humiliated


If the machines plan on rising anytime soon, they’ll have to pay their dues first. Researchers from Penn’s GRASP Lab have programmed a robot to pick up dog shit. The P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P. (Perception of Offensive Products and Sensorized Control of Object Pickup) is a retooled PR2 personal robot and it is $400,000 worth of feces-grabbing circuitry, steel, and plastic. The above video shows it going to town on some scientific lab logs.

P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P can pick up one turd per minute and has a success rate of 95%. CNET reports it can only “grasp relatively solid piles,” and the robot identifies poop by its color contrast against a green surface. This is a shame if you, like us, feed your dog nothing but Ninja Turtles ice cream.

No news on whether or not researchers are creating a New York version of the P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P, which is a robot programmed to briefly stare at dog shit on the sidewalk before stepping over it.

PR2 robot learns to scoop poop [CNET]

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