Calvin Klein And Nick Gruber Are Still Together


Way back in January, I railed against the seemingly off-kilter power balance of their alleged love, but Calvin Klein and ex-porn-player Nick Gruber are still an item, having lasted longer than any relationship I’ve ever had.

In fact, at a recent talk Calvin gave, he spoke admiringly of Nick, who sat beaming in the front row.

Calvin said he unexpectedly fell in love with a young man, who he explained is a total jock and who he’s even gone hang gliding with. (I guess they love sharing daredevil stunts against nature.)

The ex-designer added that it’s interesting to see things through Nick’s eyes since Nick hasn’t experienced nearly as much as he himself has (though for his age, Nick seems quite experienced, thank you).

As a diehard cynic, I have to at least bite the designer bullet and give them credit for keeping their thing going, whatever that may be.

Aren’t you overjoyed for them?

Are you buying it?

Not the underwear and cologne — I mean the love.

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