Eddie Murphy Finally Talks To The Press


Ever since Eddie Murphy‘s 1997 Good Samaritan incident when he was caught generously driving a transsexual hooker home, Eddie has been reticent to talk to the print media.

I guess he doesn’t like to brag!

But Eddie just did a press conference for his new movie Tower Heist, no doubt assuming:

(a) The incident might be finally be sort of semi-forgotten by now.

(b) No one would have the ovaries to bring it up at a press conference, especially when (I hear) the assembled press had been advised to “keep positive.”

Besides, Eddie is the next Oscars host, as you know, and he’s going to have to talk to press people to engender good will, especially since the last Oscars was not quite award-caliber, not to mention the fact that the last time Eddie was at the Oscars, he ungraciously walked out moments after he lost.

“This time, I’ll stay!” crows Eddie.

And this time he’ll drive … his wife. If he can get one by February.

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