Gene Simmons Spat And Had Crabs


That’s according to his Kiss band member (and onetime roommate) Ace Frehley in Frehley’s new book, No Regrets.

Writes Ace:

“Fastidious if not downright anal in his professional life, Gene was an utter mess in his personal life.

“As I quickly discovered, Gene was an epic slob.”

Ace remembers multiple instances of Gene — who he admits might have been affected by all that flame swallowing — spitting all over the place.

One time, he says, “Gene cleared his throat, dragged up a thick wad of phlegm, and spat it onto the carpet.

“What wasn’t understandable was his insistence on spitting all over the floor.

“I was afraid to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of stepping in a pile of mucus.”

And speaking of bodily fluids, there was also some wacky sexual behavior.

Says Ace:

“Gene would fuck almost anything (and I think he’s admitted as much).

“We all opened our beds to companionship on a regular basis, but somehow Gene was the one who would end up with bugs in his bush.

“Every time I scratched my balls I’d wonder whether the little bloodsuckers had crept into my bed as well.”

Ewww!! I’m suddenly spitting phlegm all over the floor.

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