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Happy 80th Birthday, George Washington Bridge!


On October 24th, 1931, you were dedicated as the “Hudson River Bridge.” Soon after, you were renamed, and now everyone calls you George. As the world’s busiest bridge, we know you have a lot on your plate today. We just want to quickly say, “Happy Birthday,” and let you know how appreciated you are. (And, because it’s your birthday, we won’t bring up the fact that half of you lives in Jersey).

Not only are you the world’s busiest span, you also have 14 lanes, more than any other bridge on Earth. Holy crap, that’s a lot of lanes! On special occasions, like your birthday, the largest free-flying American flag is flown from your highest point. It’s 90 feet long and weighs 450 pounds. Holy crap, that’s a heavy flag!

When you were first constructed 80 years ago today, you were the longest bridge in the world. You were soon surpassed by the Golden Gate out in San Francisco, but even though you’re too polite and inanimate to admit it, that bridge is a little gaudy.

You’ve certainly maintained your looks, thanks in part to some work you had done in 1962 when the Army Corps of Engineers attached a lower level to you. Forgive us for being direct, but you look great downstairs.

Thank you for shouldering such massive weight and responsibility every day. Also, thanks for bringing Maude over here:

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