Homeless Flock to OWS for Food, Safety; Scandinavian Restaurants Make a Comeback


If you think ordering a pasta dish in a restaurant is easier on your wallet, think again. Here are the menu items with the worst bang for your buck.
[ABC News]

Cheese is the most stolen food in the world, according to a recent survey. Following close behind are fresh meat, chocolate, alcohol, seafood, and baby formula.
[Huffington Post]

Free food is just one of the reasons the homeless are leaving shelters to join the Occupy Wall Street protesters.
[NY Daily News]

New York is lagging in its handling of recycling plastic containers, which make up a vast amount of takeout food waste.
[NY Times]

Jeffrey Chodorow is one of the investors in Kutsher’s Tribeca, a modern Jewish bistro set to open November 7.

Scandinavian restaurants, all but gone in New York 20 years ago, are making a comeback. And it’s about more than just meatballs.
[NY Post]

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