News Flash: Weed Cheaper On the West Coast and Wherever There Are a Lot of Republicans


Marijuana enthusiasts know that despite the West Coast’s deficiencies, it has one thing really going for it: weed is cheap out there and plentiful. And usually better.

This information has now been backed up in fancy infographic form, with data from Floating Sheep, a collective of geographers. Weed is officially cheaper in the Pacific Northwest and in California, and more expensive on the East Coast.

How much more expensive? High-quality pot will put you out $256 per ounce, compared to $450 per ounce in Delaware.

CityLab took Floating Sheep’s data about how weed prices vary all over the country and came up with some findings of their own. Emphasis ours:

The first thing that stands out is the number of things that are not correlated with marijuana prices. You’d probably expect weed prices to rise as regional incomes grow. But they don’t. There is no statistical association at all between weed prices and state income or wages. You might think weed use (and hence weed prices) would rise as economic conditions worsen and unemployment increases, but we found no such correlation. What about stress levels and unhappiness? Unhappy, self-medicating populations should increase demand, putting pressure on supply, right? Again, nothing. Or you might expect weed prices to be higher in states with larger bohemian concentrations. Nada again. We also checked on levels of college grads and the creative class and found no associations whatsoever.

Of the roughly two dozen variables in our analysis, weed prices are correlated with just three. Many have noted that minority populations tend to pay more for certain goods, from groceries to mortgages and auto loans. Sure enough, this holds for weed: the price of marijuana is higher in states with larger shares of African-Americans (the correlation is a sizable .5). Weed prices are negatively affected by two other variables: illegal drug use (-.5) and the share of voters who identify as Republicans (-.3).

There you have it: more Republicans means cheaper weed. Just as we’d always suspected.

[via CityLab]

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