Nothing Tops Bill Buckner’s Error for World Series Fame (Or Infamy)


Willie Mays’ catch off Vic Wertz in the 1954 World Series may be the most famous play in Series history. May be. I’ll bet if there was some way of measuring all the hits on the various versions of Bill Buckner’s error on Mookie Wilson’s ground ball in the 1986 World Series, it would top Willie by a landslide.

It was 25 years ago tomorrow, October 25, that the play happened in the 10th inning of Game 6. Buckner’s boo-boo has become part of the American lexicon. If you’re a Mets fan looking for the last happy moment in team history, or if you’ve just a masochistic fan (like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch, who watches the play over and over after breaking up with his girlfriend, played by Drew Barrymore), you can find the best replay of the last half of the 10th inning, with commentary by the inimitable Vin Skully.

You can even see the inning replayed in a video game (also with the original commentary by Skully.)

But my favorite Buckner-mania is the bit from Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Bill finds redemption by catching a baby thrown from a burning building.

And, as you’ve no doubt heard, the ball Mookie hit – which was subsequently bought by Charlie Sheen for $93,00 and later bought from him by songwriter Seth Swirsky, is being auctioned off on E-bay with the bid closing at the exact minute of the play – 11:37 pm EST. If you want to follow the bidding, go to Sports Collectors Daily.

But bring your checkbook – bidding starts at one million.


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