The Fate of St. Mark’s Bookshop Could Be Decided Today [Update]


St. Mark’s Bookshop has fallen on hard times lately, inspiring a local campaign to pressure landlord Cooper Union to lower the rent from $20,000/month to a more manageable $15,000. Otherwise, the store might have to close.

According to a letter from the Cooper Square Committee, today is the day that Cooper Union’s board will decide whether or not to lower the rent — essentially deciding the fate of the bookshop.

Please contact Cooper Union President Jamshed Bharucha immediately. or (212) 353-4250.

A Board committee is meeting [today] to decide if they will reduce St Mark’s Bookshop’s $20,000/month rent by $5,000. Thousands of emails or calls will influence the decision.

Tell the President to reduce the bookshop rent to $15,000 a month until the economy improves. You can add any additional comments.

Your support is invaluable.

We’re waiting to confirm this with Cooper Union.

Update 10:39 a.m.: Cooper Union says there’s no meeting today. Spokeswoman Claire McCarthy told us in an email that “There is no meeting of the Board of Cooper Union today. Discussions are ongoing; as previously stated, the outcome will be announced by the end of this month.”

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