Barry Z TV Alert!


Barry Z is the genial, slightly nebbishy (in an adorable way) host who gets in celebrities’ faces and asks them things like “Why is the show called Evita?” or “How can we go to bed with you tonight?”

Well, thank God he’s back because I’ve always found Barry to be the new Johnny Carson (but not cold and mean off-camera, the way Johnny was reputed to be).

I’ll be on Barry’s show this Friday night (2 a.m. on Channel 34), and you can also get a gander at it on

We discuss my book, my party, my idols, and how you can go to bed with me tonight, in between grabbing foodstuffs off a tray provided by a new local diner.

When I comment that the chicken fingers are beautifully manicured, the hilarity really soars!

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