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Lindsay Lohan’s Doing Playboy: My Thoughts


I’m glad the troubled pop tart has gotten a gig, especially since the price tag — reportedly almost a million — could probably help her pay off some debts and buy a couple of bottles of spring water while she’s at it.

But I’m feeling that:

This is a stunt (sort of like her famed Marilyn Monroe spread), not really a career job.

What Lindsay needs to get is something involving actually walking around and saying dialogue and, you know, acting, and I don’t think this will help her achieve that goal at all.

It’ll just nab her tons more woozy attention of the type she doesn’t really need.

She should be working on developing credibility and trust again, not showing that she’s game for anything as long as it involves cash and some headlines.

If she would just devote herself to carving out a whole year without boozing, tantrums, or flashing her hoo-ha, she’d surely be back on track to Careersville.

But what do I know? I’ll pose for anybody!

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