Mean New Jersey Schools Superintendent Nixes Halloween Costumes


Remember being a little kid, and Halloween was so awesome? (It’s still awesome in a different way, or actually kind of terrible. Alcohol changes everything.) You would wear your little costume to school and maybe there would be a parade down the block and in class you would eat orange cupcakes and do Halloween-themed word scrambles or whatever.

This is no longer the case for the little kids of Springfield, New Jersey, since their schools superintendent banned them from wearing costumes to school on Halloween. Sad face.

The letter sent to parents from superintendent Michael Davino says that “In an effort to minimize the interruption of instruction, and recognizing that students have ample time to celebrate the holiday in costume after school, costumes will no longer be permitted in school on Halloween.”

Elementary school is serious business, obviously. K-through-four is no time for fooling around. There are multiplication tables to be learned, lines to be colored in. Etc.

The parents in the school district aren’t happy and reportedly spoke out against the policy at a recent school board meeting. As of now, though, it still looks like there will be no costumes for kids in Springfield this Halloween 🙁 :(.

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