Remember John Peel With A Spin Through The PeelPlayer, Which Will Send You Down A Rabbit Hole Of Fantastic Indie


Pulp’s “Babies,” No. 23 on the 1994 Festive Fifty
The late BBC DJ John Peel unexpectedly passed away seven years ago today, leaving behind a legacy of inimitable musical curiosity and knowledge that reverberated throughout the world—even in the pre-internet era. Since then, the day’s been unofficially dubbed John Peel Day by people who want his spirit to live on; I just spent an hour or so honoring his memory by tooling around just-launched website the Peelplayer, which contains streams (usually via YouTube) of tracks from every year-end top 50 singles list—known as the Festive Fifty—put together by the late legend. The full series of lists is online here, but it’s way much more fun to skip around and find (or rediscover) gems from the vaults like this, this, and this. (And if you want to relive some of his Peel Sessions, when he brought artists into the studio and had them play a few songs, the Scritti Politti fansite Bibbly-O-Tek has a few excellent ones from that band.)


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