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The World Has Had a Lot of Sex


According to the hilarious (or icky) headline writers at Reuters, the “crowded, stretched world” is awaiting its 7 billionth baby as we speak. (As luck would have it, we weren’t all raptured out on Friday.) The U.N. says this new member of society will be born on October 31, which also happens to be Halloween, which…should we be concerned? Some say yes, that Baby 7 Billion foreshadows tough times ahead, and should draw our attention to plans of how our giant population will share food, water, and other necessary resources; others think it will be damn cute, and anyway, everybody loves babies! Still others fear the baby may have pumpkin qualities.

Predicting exactly where Baby 7 Billion (“Seven” for short) will be born, or who he or she will grow up to be, or what he or she will wear for Halloween, is pretty much impossible, but India is set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by the year 2030, which experts say makes it — and China, for that matter — a good candidate for welcoming little Seven.

Meanwhile, over at the Seven Billionth Person project, people have been offering up their own messages of welcome, including a onesie that says “I am the seven billionth person” and…this.

Frankly, we’re just happy we got out of going to the baby shower. Those things are torture.

In other news, imagine how much sex the world has had! No, actually, don’t. Perv.

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