Yay For Zooey Deschanel!


I’m really glad she has a hit with The New Girl.

I’ve long thought she’d be perfect for TV as sort of a nouveau Marlo Thomas.

Zooey mixes quirks with likability and can play a kook like no one since Zasu Pitts!

And she’s been a fun presence on the club scene with her Weimaresque musical performances, always hanging with the cool kids and strutting her creative side.

Besides, movies weren’t really treating her right.

With rare exceptions, Zooey would turn up in large-scale comedies where she was basically window dressing, the proverbial straight man for some better-paid male comic to do his shticking.

Or she’d be cast in by-the-numbers indies that probably paid shit.

So yay for the new girl! She’s found a home.

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