5 Discontinued Candies That Once Made Halloween Rock


Halloween is basically synonymous with candy. OK, well for adults, it’s synonymous with alcohol and slutty costumes. But when we were kids, it was all about candy, candy, and more candy. Yet many of the delicious treats from our youth have been discontinued, and only their sweet, sweet memory lives on. Here are five old favorites that ought to be brought back for Halloween. If not permanently.

5. Hershey Kissables: These candy-coated chocolate treats were sort of like big, misshaped M&M’s: chocolaty, but with a bit of crunch. But they were discontinued a few years ago, probably because they became less palatable when Hershey tried to save money by swapping out the cocoa butter for cheaper fats. The product then couldn’t even be called chocolate, but “chocolate candy.” Not cool, Hershey.

4. S’mores Bar: Milk chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker bits replicate the beloved summer campfire dessert, only in a handy prepackaged form. Alas, this candy got the ax in 2003, which sucks for people who don’t, like, know how to build fires.

3. Caravelle Bar: While we can content ourselves with Crunch bars today, they’re not as good as the Caravelle bars from back in the ’70s. Those chocolate bars from confectioner Peter Paul were loaded with Rice Krispies and caramel. Yum.

2. The Marathon Bar: Small candy bars are for sissies, and you can’t get much better than ¾ of a foot of braided chocolate and caramel. Alas, this candy bar manufactured by Mars in the 1970s was discontinued in 1981. However, the Curly Wurly bar from Cadbury is a near replica, but unless you live in an Anglo enclave that might be tricky to find, too. But that’s why the Internet was created.

1. The Seven Up Bar: Not to be confused with the soda (in fact, conflict over the name was why this bar had to be retired in 1979), this treat featured seven different pillows, each filled differently. Although the fillings changed, they included at one point or another: butterscotch, caramel, cherry, coconut, fudge, mint, nougat, and orange. So really, it’s like seven different candy bars for the price of one. Amazing!

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