Foodie Hip Hop, Part 2: ‘All You Can Eat’ by the Fat Boys


Yesterday, we put up a video by FaceGang2 called “Pizza Party,” but of course foodie hip-hop is a much more old and venerable subgenre than that recent footage suggests. We were reminded of this when the Voice‘s Nick Murray sent along a 1984 video by the Fat Boys titled “All You Can Eat.”

This four-man crew came out of Brooklyn in the early ’80s, and included a beatbox pioneer known as Big Buff Love. The other three members were Mark Morales (“Prince Markie Dee”), Damon Wimbley (“Kool Rock-Ski”), and Calvin Rogers. As you can see from the video, some of the band members actually were fat, as opposed to simply churning out phat beats.

The video is charmingly set right above the 49th Street N and R station, on the north end of the old Times Square. The Fat Boys spot an all-you-can-eat banner on a Sbarro’s, a chain based in Melville, Long Island, currently in danger of disappearing entirely.

After filling their trays, then going downstairs to gorge, they return upstairs and take even the hanging cheeses from behind the counter as Big Buff Love demonstrates his beatbox stylings magnificently.

Sadly, Big Buff Love died of a heart attack in 1995 at the age of 28. His weight had reached 450 pounds.

Fork in the Road Quiz: Did you notice the flaw in the video?

If they’re coming from Brooklyn, why do they scramble out of the subway from the downtown platform?

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