Have You Slid the 102-Foot New Museum Slide, Yet?


Do you want to ride a giant, indoor slide? Of course you do. The New Museum’s exhibition of the work of German artist Carsten Höller, which opens today and extends through the 15th of January, includes a giant 102-foot-long slide running from the fourth floor to the second through ceilings and floors, “to shuttle viewers through the exhibition.” So, that’s pretty awesome.

Additionally, the exhibition features a mirrored carousel upon which visitors can ride, a “Double Light Corner” that uses a sequence of flashing lights, a sensory deprivation pool, giant mushrooms, and a “recreation of Höller’s Experience Corridor, where viewers are invited to undertake simple but affecting tests on themselves.”

Gabriel Einsohn, communications director at the museum, told us, “We opened at 11 a.m. today with a line but a manageable one. Things are flowing calming and smoothly this morning. I do think [the slide] is a draw but overall folks are using all of the works to experience the show fully. We’ve got people enjoying the carousel and floating in the tank among other highlights. No numbers yet, we aren’t really counting, but I’ll ask to see if they can start. And yes, helmets and pads are available by request.”

Check out more photos here.

Carsten Höller: Experience [New Museum Tumblr]

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